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I am a Personal Brand Photographer based in Arizona, USA. I don't define my photography by one genre of photography but rather the quality of each image I produce, no matter the subject or style of photography. As an individual I have so much passion and love for every facet of photography. I love the challenge of capturing a beautiful bird mid-flight, the magic of capturing the essence of a newborn, the joy of being in the presence of love during engagements, family photos, special events; the exhilarating feeling of having a creative model photo shoot come together and be published and witnessing the overwhelming satisfaction of seeing that photo shoot in print. 

"I had the pleasant opportunity to do two photo shoots with Richard. Both experiences were more than I could ever ask for. I was so drawn to his work due to the creativity within every photo.

My first shoot was a Mom & Daughter shoot about 5 years ago, yet it was such a special profound experience, I can close my eyes and go back into that moment. Richard told me to pretend as though he was not present, live in the moment, have fun and play with my little girl. The photos come out wonderful. You can tell they were done with Love. I am forever grateful to Richard for creating an incredibly special moment in time with my daughter that I can go back in time though my imagination to relive it, even better, I also have those special memories on paper, or metal.



The second session. I reached out to Annmarie (Richard's Fiancé) to inform her that I was interested in a Goddess photoshoot. Richard reached out to me right away asked what I was  looking for and the type of sensory you desire, and I’ll come up with something. Richard came up with a magnificent location, it was a bit far, I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive about traveling so far with my little girl and I, with a photographer, and staying in a hotel for a photoshoot.  However, I knew that was just my fears of the unknown arising and that it would indeed be all fine. So, I proceeded to go along with the plans and travel to Death Valley salt flats for what turned out to be the most incredible experience of my life. Richard's talent shined like no other, again Richard said, “pretend as though no one is watching and truly embody the feeling of a Goddess” Well if you check out my photos you will see the mere magic that Richard captured. He not only got beautiful photos of me, but my daughter also wanted to get in the photos and without hesitation Richard gave us prompts to include my sweet girl so it could be a phenomenal experience for all…( He also brought along pretty cool unique jewelry for our shoot)


I highly recommend booking Richard for your next shoot, whatever the area of interest. Each photo captures magic, you can see and feel the passion that Richard has for his work. Each shot is taken with passion and love for photography."


Richard Baldwin has been vetted and endorsed by Canon. Canon did a Nationwide background check, reviewed Richard's portfolio and website(s) and offered Richard the opportunity to be represented to their client's, in a non-exclusive manner, as a Canon Photographer.

Advanced Digital Photography Certification

Richard Baldwin has received Certification in Advanced Digital Photography from Alison a certification institute whose curriculum has been comprised of learning materials from Google, University of Cambridge, Stanford, Microsoft and many other excellent higher learning institutions; with over 30 million students and accepted accreditation in 195 different Countries.


Richard Baldwin continues to educate himself with the newest styles, techniques and trends with PPA as-well-as insures his photography business through PPA. 



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Richard Baldwin was interviewed by Shoutout Arizona as a Photographer, Graphic Designer and Runway Choreographer and featured October of 2022.


As a finalist, Richard Baldwin's image is featured in Dodho's new book 'Monochromatic' which was released in September 2023


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