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Richard Baldwin featured March 2022 as a top 10 photographer in Phoenix (out of 74) on

How does your service stand out?

I have been in the industry my entire adult life. I have modeled myself, choreographed runways, represented talent, managed and designed magazines; so all of these experiences add to my ability to provide my clients with exactly the right imagery they need to achieve their end goal, be-it to be hired as a talent themselves or to sell a product or to tell a story. My EQ and IQ work in harmony to not only create the best imagery but to also create a wonderful memory and the happiest experience while shooting. Teamwork makes the dreamwork and I'm a valuable team player! 

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I put my all into every photo, logo, event, advertisement, every project. I see photographers who have found and developed one style of imagery; you can literally input any person you want in their images, you still walk away with the same image you originally saw. While that might be an effective and simple way to make money and book shoots, that is not me. I implore you to search through my work and you will witness how I have treated every photo shoot with originality and creativity; trying my very best to never duplicate the same photo twice. Some people love photography because it's a great career to make a living, I live to create photography, I live with the humble goal to simple create a single piece that someday may live through the ages, long past my demise. I love photography because two people can look at the same subject, but an artist finds a way to uniquely captivate that subject in the most artistic and creative way as possible. I love all genres and one day I want to be known as The Photographer. The Photographer who took great imagery of whatever inspired him whether it be portraits, nature, landscapes, macro, Astro, product, event, etc. I love the challenges and rewards of each genre and refuse to limit myself to one.

Aside from my own ambitions, to simply put it, I love creating memories and good moments with clients and whomever I shoot with. I love watching my client's families grow, their kids age, or their businesses grow. I consider it a great pleasure to be able to shoot with my clients year after year and know they have the confidence to book me and type of photography they may need be-it, for family shoots, portrait shots and/or product or event photography. It truly is a joy!! 

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

1.Text or call - brief description of what the client is looking to capture.

2. Set-up a day and time to meet and discuss my portfolio and experience, vision for your shoot, rates and dates, themes and wardrobe as-well-as any technicalities. 

3. Day of the shoot we have a great shoot.

4. Supply online proofing gallery.

5. Finalize approved images with professional editing. 

6. Provide imagery through email and print. Set-up day and time to receive any prints and framed imagery. 

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I have been published as a photographer, graphic designer, model and as a writer. I have worked with companies large and small and hundreds of talent over the past decade. I have worked with Max Mara, Jovani, Beach Bunny, Banana Republic (to name a few of the higher-end brands); I have been published on feature walls, menus, magazine spreads of all types: model/glam, real estate, food/restaurant, ink/tattoo. 


I am self taught and self made and in my opinion that's always the best photographer for the job because they are always the most creative, hardest workers you could ever hope to work with. As I have worked in a variety of positions in the industry, I can recall that all the Bachelor Degree photographers mostly have the same concepts, lighting styles and themes. A true artist isn't taught how to create art they are taught how to refine theirs. Although I am self taught, test and tried, I do stay up with other more well known photographers and have no qualms booking a seminar or work course to grow my talents. I am confident in my abilities but never cocky enough to think I can't grow and become stagnant. Therefore, I keep my nose to the grinding wheel and try and update my style of shooting with the times and the swift change of technology and editing software. 


**While COVID19 has been happening I did invest in training courses ( to be a licensed FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot and will be taking my licensing exam very soon in order to add another photography skill and service! 


*** In order to truly let potential clients know how professional and trustworthy I am as an individual I also became licensed, bonded and insured as an Arizona Notary Public. As I have various clients, sometimes start-up businesses, I wanted to be able to offer both peace of mind when booking me but also another potential service my business clients may need and appreciate! 

How did you get started in this business?

I first started off as a model. I was in some hair shows, restaurant ads and men's tuxedos and suit advertisements. I am 5'10 and had a realistic idea as to how far I could get with modeling myself but was always lit aflame by the entire industry, I knew I would always be in and/or around fashion, film and photography industries the rest of my life. At 22 I had opened my first Talent Rep business with a local Bridal Shop Owner. Together we had accomplished runway shows for Jovani and even choreographed and handled the entire launch party for Beach Bunny Swimwears Scottsdale location. At a certain point I grew tired of representing talent and was inspired and invigorated by watching magazine staff edit and put together spreads. So, I taught myself how to edit images, ads, any graphic design. I should mention, when I was 15 I was in an industrial accident. My right arm was cutoff mid forearm down and with luck, the grace of God and the marvel of manmade medicine I was able to have my right arm reattached. Although it was saved in a sense, my right hand has never fully worked again. Having this understanding, you could see perhaps, how I had a lot of self doubt in being able to become a photographer. After all, all cameras are for right handed shooters. But years later after I had started publishing Rare Beauty Calendars, the photographer I worked with could not make the trip to San Diego to shoot the 2015 Cover. I had already invested close to a grand having a mermaid tail made for the model by Mertailor and had fashioned a seashell bra myself. Not getting the shot on the beaches of La Jolla was not an option. Chad told me and really started my whole photography career off; he said Richard, you know how to edit better than I do, you know what a good shot is, use a professional camera and use manual. Don't be afraid to play with the settings and keep her in the shadows. It's easier to bring light in then it is to take light out. And that was it, he showed me he had faith in me and from that photo shoot on I have been a professional photographer. Before then I had spent years on sets helping various photographers, of all backgrounds, set up and tare down their lights. So when it came time for me to be the photographer I already had years of training, I just never knew it. To this day, if you look through my work, you'll see that over time I continue to improve and grow and truly thrive!

What types of customers have you worked with?

All types of models from just starting out to different Playboy models in the earlier 2000's to Maxim and FHM. 

I have worked with Max Mara as a talent rep for several years, in the past around 2009.

I did a Jovani red carpet fashion show during the 2009 NBA All-Star weekend in which my runway was performed at the same venue as Shaq and his wife's charity runway between their event Fri and Sun so our event had the Sat night, 2 shows an early and late show. I beat out Allen Iverson for the spot to do the event and donated all the proceeds to one of the models whose son was suffering from MS. We had a silent auction in which the Guns and Roses signed a guitar and we raffled it off. A soldier won that guitar as I recall. We also had basketballs, footballs and baseballs signed by major athletes and Ferrari and Aston Martin sponsored the event as well as Runway Magazine. I have all the images on my website. 

I have worked with a variety of restaurants throughout The Valley. I have done feature walls, menus, fliers, online ads and event photography. 

I have been hired by many talent and individuals throughout the Arizona Valley. 

In 2019 I shot a model with a White Tiger and Asian Leopard for my 2019 Rare Beauty Calendars.

I have been sponsored by companies like Goldstone Wealth Management, had a great relationship with Dr. Corwin Martin of Estetica Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery for nearly a decade before I chose to end Rare Beauty Calendars and focus purely on my photography. I have worked with businesses like Fit Whey for their product shots and evena logo for their podcast. 

I did all the artwork and runway choreography and was the headlining sponsor for The Culture Fitness & Fashion Expo in 2018. I designed the step & repeat and all their posters and fliers. The event was held in Downtown Phoenix at the Convention Center. 

I have helped models get published in Maxim Magazine and recently helped a local model place in the top finals for the Cover Model contest. 

I will be a feature in March 2022 Modelz View Magazine.

I had a cover shot on the P&G books mailed out across the entire state. A shot of hot wings for a client, Under Review Restaurant.

I designed an entire party bus for 7th Heaven in 2010. 

In '09 I also did the grand opening runway event and launch party for Beach Bunny Swimwear in-which Angela (Owner and Designer) and entire team from LA flew out to be apart of. We had 3 tons of sand delivered and palm trees all for the patio. We hung 20 ft of white fabric to give it an outdoor cabana feel and a white carpet entrance lined with rose pedals and candles. Hummer, Cadillac, Saab sponsored that event. 

I have been featured in a variety of online publications as well.

I have worked with companies large and small and talent both new and experienced. 

**Unfortunately during COVID19 I have had to be very cautious because I was diagnosed with Valley Fever, literally, right before The Pandemic started. I also have 2 small children at home who couldn't get a vaccine until recently and one still isn't of age to be vaccinated. I have maintained close relationships and did book shoots with close, trusted and repeat clients during The Pandemic. Now that COVID19 has become more manageable with numerous vaccines and new medicines being developed. I feel safe enough to return to my passion of shooting people, events and on-site product shots (when requested). Not trying to be political at all. I just believe the best practice for any relationship is open honesty and one may notice how I purposely slowed down my career during The Pandemic in order to stay safe, Valley Fever is a non-transmissible lung disease caused by microscopic fungi found in the wind or sometimes the dander of an animal. It nearly took my life but I have learned to live with it and believe in and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Have you done charity work?

Having suffered from a traumatic accident early on in life, I have always been avid in helping out the community where I can. I have helped out with various charities, hosted charity runway events, donated my event photography (VOS 20/30) and donated other forms of photography to single mothers and dog rescues. I have helped raise funds and donations for Muscular Dystrophy, Sickle Cell Anemia (Quest to Cure), Breast Cancer, Domestic Abuse Victims with UMOM and for several years before The Pandemic I started, ran, and executed the UNIQ TOY DRIVE and then re-named it later to the Rare Beauty Toy Drive. We have donated toys and gift cards to Orphanages, and various Schools around The Valley whose students come from low-income housing and would not otherwise receive a toy during the holiday season. I have made sure to feed those less fortunate in Downtown Phoenix during Thanksgiving and Winter Holidays. I have taken photos for animal rescues like Wiggle Butts in order to help assist in getting dogs adopted. I try and stay as active as possible but absolutely hate advertising whatever good deeds are being done unless they are part of a big event, like the Rare Beauty Toy Drive. And even then, it's really to show my character can be trusted in organizing donations and handling fiscal donations, so those who participated may see their kindness was delivered from start to finish!

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